Month: November 2012


Hot summer 
Birds singing  
Animals hiding
Under trees 
Trees cooling 
People going
For a swim 
To cool off 
From the heat 
Bright sun 
Going for 
The sky is cool 
Animals going 
To get some 
Food to stay 
Alive in the summer
Birds flying west
For the cool weather…
Trees trying to stay
People give water
For the trees 
Leaves  moving
Trees staying 
Trees need 
Water for life 
The sky is cooling 
Birds coming back
Trees see the birds
Trees telling other 
Trees birds coming 
Birds start singing
Trees are happy aging 



Having car
Car takes you
Place you went
People enjoy
Other now towns
They never seen before
Having car take you
In very far…
Car makes you happy
To go around places
That you are never went
People enjoy that tool
Everyone is happy
With they own car
Car is wonderful tool
To go around
Everyone like car
Car like people

American singing leagues

Singing to people
People like to singing
For deaf people
People learning
How to speak
America singing leagues
Deaf people are speaking
People are learning
How to speak back
To the deaf poeple
Deaf people are teaching
People are learning …
how to speak back
People are learning
Everyone wants to
America singing leagues
Everyone can speak
With each other